Automatized linking

mvBlueLYNX automatizes linking
mvBlueLYNX automatizes linking

During the open day in the business park Roanne (France) it provides speechless visitors and positive reactions without exceptions: Erbé’s prototype that looked like a standard sewing machine emerged as a novel linking machine with an integrated intelligent camera.

The new concept is based on a traditional sewing-machine with integrated image processing, which controls the needle and for this reason makes sure, that the right mesh is met along the existing seam of the edge as well as the entry of the needle takes place in the middle exactly. The image processing part of the machine takes up the central role of the concept: first, it has to guarantee a sufficient speed during the image capturing, second it has to keep apart the meshes to meet the entry exactly and third it has to control several motors, to align the needle precisely. Traditional solutions would have its focus on a camera, frame grabber and a digital I/O board. In contrast, Acyrus decided to use an all-in-one solution and chose the intelligent camera mvBlueLYNX with a 640 x 480 pixels image sensor. Because of the available computing power, a multitude of interfaces and an open Embedded Linux operating system it is possible to complete all image processing and control tasks in the camera directly. More precisely the mvBlueLYNX controls the three different motors of the needle as well as the ultraviolet LED ring illumination and it handles the input signals of the two pedals. Additionally the machine can be controlled via touch screen, whose display and control is handled by mvBlueLYNX, too.

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