mvIMPACT: New Modules

mvIMPACT is a comprehensive library with high performance algorithms for fast image processing. The library offers a software architecture designed for the future with an object oriented design. OEMs and system integrators can easily use a huge number of functions for acquisition, processing, enhancement and measurement in their own application. mvIMPACT supports all MATRIX VISION frame grabbers as well as the intelligent PC camera mvCAM and the intelligent video sensor mvBlueLYNX in an optimum way. The modular concept allows every MATRIX VISION user to work with the powerful basic library free-of-charge with standard image processing routines such as image capture control, image handling, display with graphic overlay, file I/O as well as basic image operations such as filters, morphological operators, histogram functions, FFT and shading correction. The inexpensive extension modules can be licensed separately. This allows you to use only the modules you actually need in your applications. Expansion modules such as Impact OCR, Blob, Measure, Match, Focus, Data-Matrix and Color provide highly optimised algorithms for each image processing task. A hardware dongle is not needed; a MATRIX VISION product is enough to verify the module license. An essential feature of the new MATRIX VISION image processing software is the availability on different platforms. Linux and Windows are supported as operating systems. Applications created with mvIMPACT can be run on a PC. This means that preliminary studies and developments can be carried out on the standard PC. The application can be easily compiled for mvBlueLYNX at a later date. It goes without saying that different libraries or proprietary algorithms can be used in parallel on mvIMPACT. mvIMPACT has been enhanced by some modules, among others a Data Matrix and a Barcode reader. Further interesting functions will be presented at the VISION 2003 for the first time.

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