Intelligent Machine-Vision Camera

mvBlueLYNX- 440  The only freely programmable intelligent CCD camera

The unique thing about mvBlueLYNX is that it integrates a freely programmable RISC processor into a CCD camera. mvBlueLYNX has the ability to seamlessly acquire CCD image data. This means that it is not only possible to carry out simple 1D image processing operations such as shading correction and subsequent edge measurement, but also to apply algorithms which are typical of 2D image processing. DataMatrix decoding and optical character reading (OCR) are examples from the area of identification. The high flexibility of mvBlueLYNX makes it ideal for such applications. mvBlueLYNX is not entirely reliant on a predefined identification type and can also differentiate automatically between barcode, DataMatrix and plain text. The surface inspection of structured surfaces is another example of an application that involves taking into account the image data of the surrounding lines so that faulty structures can be extracted from the typical material structures. Linux is used as the operating system. Because of its design and size it can easily be accommodated in a FLASH chip. The product is compact and complete. Neither central PC components nor wiring are required for video signals and camera control. Product versions with area sensors up to 1280x1024 and higher line scan sensors with up to 2K resolution and 40 MHz sampling frequency are available. Development under Embedded Linux is basically no different to development on a PC. A knowledge C or C++ is more or less all you need. With mvBlueLYNX, there is a strong emphasis on short development times and software flexibility.

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