===================================================================== Version info c16Input-demo ===================================================================== === CD2006/B === 02.02.2006 2.4.6 UPDATE: Adapted to Visual Studio 2005. New workspace added. === CD2006/A === 10.01.2006 2.4.5 UPDATE: Adapted to C++ Builder 6.0, new project file added. isdigit renamed to isDigit 06.10.2005 2.4.4 BUGFIX: Missing mvimage.h added to setup. === CD2005/C === === CD2005/B === 13.04.2005 2.4.3 BUGFIX: Recompiled with new camera module. === CD2005/A === === CD2004/C === 05.05.2004 2.4.2 BUGFIX: Snap button is now disabled after startup (Borland version only) === CD2004/B === 23.03.2004 2.4.1 NEW BEHAVIOUR: The sample now checks if the avaiable DMA memory for each decoder is sufficient for the current settings. Ohterwise an error message is generated. 08.03.2004 2.4.0 NEW BEHAVIOUR: DELTA/SIGMA boards now use two image buffers for each channel of the sequence passed to the individual decoder. NEW BEHAVIOUR: Default DMA memory size increased for mvDELTA/SIGMA boards from 4MB to 16MB. BUGFIX: Max. value of the progress bar of the MS sample now also depends on the number of devices used. 19.02.2004 2.3.0 UPDATE: CInputSwitch class cleaned up a bit. OS_INCLUDE stuff removed, only SLx driver supporting the queuing mode and the inputswitch mode are supported now. A driver update might be necessary in order to achieve optimal performance. 18.02.2004 2.2.6 BUGFIX: COL_YC_PL and COL_YC_PK are implemented as 16bpp modes now. BUGFIX: COL_YC_PL: Image width must always be a multiple of 16 (see function CInputSwitch::InitDataStructs // ACQUIRE_DEF SECTION. NEW BEHAVIOUR: Only the snap button is hidden in the release build of the C++ Builder version now all other GUI element are displayed. === CD2004/A === 02.12.2003 2.2.5 NEW FEATURE: SLx devices use mvSelInputSwitchMode to activate sync. or async. acquisition depending on whether 'sync. cameras' is selected or not. IMPORTANT: For this feature you will need at least version of the mvDELTA/SIGMA driver and your cameras MUST be synchronised in order to acquire proper images. 24.09.2003 2.2.4 BUGFIX: fps label in MS version of the sample corrected. === CD2003/B === 30.07.2003 2.2.3 NEW BEHAVIOUR: Now the complete fields per sec. are displayed by the progress bar BUGFIX: Video out features disabled for mvTITAN-2C16. NEW FEATURE: Version information added to MS version of the sample. UPDATE: Number of job requests increased to 8 for mvTITAN boards. UPDATE: Size of the overlay corrected. 28.07.2003 2.2.2 NEW FEATURE: Borland version displays only one large image on the video out, when the user clicks on one of the image windows while the video out feature is active. This increases the acquisition speed. BUGFIX: Resizing of the combo box in the MS sample corrected. 18.07.2003 2.2.1 NEW FEATURE: Overlay feature added to video out. MV_Logo.bmp added to setup. 17.07.2003 2.2.0 NEW FEATURE: Video out feature added for mvTITAN boards. === CD2003/A === 25.03.2003 2.1.0 NEW FEATURE: mvTITAN-2C16 support added. NEW FEATURE: Structure of CInputSwitch changed. New classes CTITAN_CxInputSwitch and CSLxInputSwitch derived from CInputSwitch. See changed documentation. NEW BEHAVIOUR: mvTITAN-Cx boards now work with the compression interface, in order to achieve higher frame rates. UPDATE: Documentation updated and converted to *.pdf NEW FEATURE: For mvTITAN boards now a deinterlace mode can be activated. In this mode the trigger mode can be switched to next without a big visual effect (No 'jumping' fields. NEW BEHAVIOUR: Some controls in the Borland sample are just visible in the debug build now 28.11.2002 2.0.4 UPDATE: Company and board names 25.09.2002 2.0.3 BUGFIX: Missing files added to setup ( MVImageDisplayWindow.c/.h ) == CD2002/D === 29.08.2002 2.0.2 NEW FEATURE: New trigger mode for SQ added (alternating), snap timeout SLx set to 500 ms, snap loop optimised, OS_INCLUDE parts added. 13.08.2002 2.0.1 NEW FEATURE: Colour mode now selectable by the user, transfer ratio display added (Borland demo only) === CD2002/B === 2.0 NEW FEATURE: mvSIGMA-SQ support added, complete revision of the source code before version 2.0 no mvSIGMA-SQ support