===================================================================== Version info Grabber.dll and mvAcquireControl ===================================================================== 24.01.2008 BUGFIX: Loading a configuration file at runtime did reset the user assigned preview window. 23.01.2008 BUGFIX: Loading a configuration file at runtime while the HW was initialised already didn't refresh the camera definition property. UPDATE: Missing imports for 'grabLoadConfigFile' and 'grabSaveConfigFile' added to Grabber.bas. UPDATE: File name parameter in functions grabLoadConfigFile and grabSaveConfigFile declarded 'const' === CD2007/A === 19.03.2007 NEW BEHAVIOUR: Switching on the shutter control via the dialog no longer changes the trigger mode. UPDATE: Works with Windows Vista Aero layout now. 18.12.2006 NEW FUNCTIONS: IGrabber::SetHWScaler, IGrabber::GetHWScaler and IGrabber::IsHWScalerAvailable. === CD2006/B === === CD2006/A === 30.03.2006 BUGFIX: Crashes when calling IOptionDialog::EnablePage( PAGE_SetupPage, true/false ) 10.01.2006 BUGFIX: mvConfig.exe now always sends a *.ini-file selected via the 'edit' dialog to the correct instance of the mvAcquireControl interface. NEW BEHAVIOUR: The length of the string send to the IGrabber::Command function is no longer limited. 16.12.2005 NEW FEATURE: IGrabber::Get/SetCameraDefinition. 06.12.2005 BUGFIX: Checkbox 'Expose -> high active' is restored correctly from previous sessions now. 21.10.2005 NEW FEATURE: User defined kernel mode for fkernel.dll plugin (fkernel.dll version BUGFIX: Checkbox 'Trigger -> Use raising trig. edge' is restored correctly from previous sessions now. 18.10.2005 Assigned fixed base addresses to Borland compiled DLLs. === CD2005/C === 29.09.2005 BUGFIX: Incorrect *.log-file message and behaviour during camera update (setSnapSize/setLiveSize).(Bug introduced in version 3.157) 27.09.2005 BUGFIX: Initial plugin default parameters are used correctly again when no stored data can be found in the registry for the plugin in question. (Bug introduced in version 3.158) 06.09.2005 BUGFIX: Some 'const's removed again (Bug introduced in version 3.157) NEW FEATURE: Bayer start mode selectable in bayer conversion plugin. ( on board conversion needs at least mvTitan.dll to support this feature ). The software conversion now also converts the live image at full resolution, overall conversion speed is much faster now. (fmosaic.dll version 1.3.0) 31.08.2005 BUGFIX: Modifying the color mode updates the max. buffer count as well. BUGFIX: Missing function added: IGrabber::DeleteGrabEvent. NEW FUNCTIONS: IGrabber::SetSnapOffset and IGrabber::GetSnapOffset. NEW FEATURE: copy to clipboard mechanism now supports 10, 12, 14 and 16 bit greyscale images as well (but converts them internally into RGB24 images). BUGFIX: crashes when increasing the number of lines to capture and executing a snap command directly afterwards. NEW BEHAVIOUR: A lot of interface functions declared 'const' where appropriate. === CD2005/B === 12.05.2005 BUGFIX: Only mvTITAN-Cx boards! With the actual driver ( at least ) The RGB 60Hz mode should work now. BUGFIX: Selecting a different frame grabber using the configuration dialog or by calling IGrabber::SetGrabberType or calling IGrabber::Init with a selected grabber type that can't be found does not modify the name of the used *.INI-file anymore. Previous versions reset the name of the *.INI-file back to %WIN_DIR%\Matrix\grabber.ini. === CD2005/A === 23.03.2005 BUGFIX: Defining a new *.ini-file name with the actual mvAcquireControl instance already created resulted in the old *.ini-file name being used and later stored in the registry (only when using mvConfig). (Bug introduced in version 3.154 of the grabber.dll) BUGFIX: Storing AVI-streams from a sequence of images in color mode RGB_24 stored black images only. BUGFIX: Memleak when AVI-file storage wasn't successful. NEW FEATURE: The frame rate for stored AVI-file is now definable by the user. Whenever a sequence is stored the play delay value from the 'cineloop' tab is used to calculate the frame rate. Note that this frame rate can't be lower then 1 frame per sec. 24.02.2005 BUGFIX: IGrabber::SetSnapTimeout now also accepts 0 as a valid input. BUGFIX: Name of the *.ini-file was not stored correctly in the registry when altering this filename using the IGrabber::SetIniFilename function. NEW BEHAVIOUR: Now the *.ini-file is always stored in the registry. In previous versions this filename has only been stored when the name differed from the default name and has been modified using mvConfig. 04.01.2005 BUGFIX: page popup menu was damaged when changing the dialog language (Bug introduced in version 3.150). BUGFIX: Opening a grabber failed when the mvacqu.dll was not in the same directory as the frame grabbers driver DLL. === CD2004/C === 28.11.2004 NEW FEATURE: TMVacquireControl class enhanced. New Function 'GetStoredConfiguration', which returns the name of the configuration stored in the Windows registry, 'GetNumberOfStoredConfigurations', which returns the number of stored configurations. Each queried name can be passed to the function 'CreateAcquireControl'. BUGFIX: Properties dialog for mvTITAN onboard bayer conversion can be displayed again (Bug introduced in version 3.147). BUGFIX: Pressing the 'Record' button always resulted in only 2 images to be recorded no matter what was stated in the 'Number of images to take' edit box (Bug introduced in version 3.150). 13.10.2004 NEW BEHAVIOUR: Header IFuncLst.h renamed to ifunclst.h. BUGFIX: Unqueued version of function IGrabber::Record uses the correct timeout now. NEW BEHAVIOUR: The function IGrabber::Record will now return the number of images actually captured without errors. Therefore the number of images requested might differ from the returned number of images when either the DMA is too small to capture the number of images requested or if an error occurred during the acquisition of an image. If the trace level is at least 3 possible errors are written into the *.log-file. BUGFIX: Access violation during 'CreateAcquireControl' fixed (Bug introduced in version 3.150). 08.10.2004 BUGFIX: SDK sample cbplus updated (Return value of sample plugins function GetName() changed from char* to const char*) (Bug introduced in version 3.130). NEW BEHAVIOUR: Function IGrabber::Record: User semaphore is signalled even if the capture of an image returned with an error code. Possible errors during the image capture are written into the *.log-file if the trace level is set to 3 or higher. 29.09.2004 BUGFIX: Missing #ifdef __cplusplus in "ifunclst.h" added. NEW BEHAVIOUR: IGrabber::WaitForSnap: In case of a general timeout during image capture, this timeout error is now returned in the TASnapResult.error_code parameter. BUGFIX: camdefs.ini: linefeeds corrected. BUGFIX: Second shutter signal output pin handling corrected. (Bug introduced in version 3.146). BUGFIX: Registry readback of the shutter signal output pins corrected. (Bug introduced in version 3.146). UPDATE: Hints added to trigger tab. NEW BEHAVIOUR: IGrabber::Trace made constant. 06.09.2004 NEW FUNCTION: IGrabber::IsExposeFlashCurrentAvailable() BUGFIX: Crashes related to multithreaded access to the mvAcquireControls overlay fixed. 24.08.2004 BUGFIX: IGrabber::UpdateCamera did overwrite the settings previously made with IGrabber::SetSnapSize even if IGrabber::SetSnapImageMaximized( BOOL boMaximize ) has been called with 'false'. (Bug introduced in version 3.137) NEW FUNCTIONS: const char* ISignals::GetSignalMask( int SignalNr ), int ISignals::GetSignalTime( int SignalNr ). 18.08.2004 NEW BEHAVIOUR: Functions IGrabber::SetShutterSignalOutputPin( DWORD signalNr, DWORD outputPin ) (added in 3.141 ) and IGrabber::GetShutterSignalOutputPin() (added in 3.142) now take 0 and 1 as valid parameters! This has been 1 and 2 previously, which might force you to change your code. NEW FUNCTIONS: IGrabber::SetUserDefinedShutterSignalSequence( DWORD signalNr, const std::vector& seq ) and const std::vector& IGrabber::GetUserDefinedShutterSignalSequence( DWORD signalNr ) const added to allow custom pulse sequences. 12.08.2004 BUGFIX: Z-order of the 'new camera' dialog. 10.08.2004 BUGFIX: Handling of interpreter errors when using the function IGrabber::Command( const char* cmdString ). NEW BEHAVIOUR: ISignals::SetSignalDefinition( int SignalNr, const char* name, const char* mask, int time ) parameters changed from char* to const char*. NEW FEATURE: The LEDs of the mvCAM can be addressed via the Signals tab or ISignals::SetSignalDefinition now. (See mvWriteDigIO for the mvCAM to find out how to achieve that). NEW FUNCTIONS: ISignals::ReadDigitalInputs(), ISignals::ReadDigitalInputsAsString() to read the current state of the digital inputs of the device. NEW BEHAVIOUR: The max. length of a signal definition is now 32 instead of 16 in older versions. 06.07.2004 NEW FEATURE: Setting of contrast and brightness enabled for mvTITAN-C8/C16/2C16 boards. 05.07.2004 NEW FUNCTION: IGrabber::GetShutterSignalOutputPin() added. BUGFIX: IGrabber::WaitForSnap()(queuing section): In case of a set warning flag in the result structures error_code only a warning is written into the *.log file, but no error is set. UPDATE: New video mode VM_DIG30 is now supported. 22.06.2004 NEW FUNCTION: IGrabber::SetShutterSignalOutputPin( DWORD signalNr, DWORD outputPin ) added. This function allows the user to define the dig. outputs, where the signal shall be generated. Previously these where pin 0 and 1 by default. 17.05.2004 BUGFIX: Display when snapping a bayer converted image. === CD2004/B === 12.05.2004 BUGFIX: Mixing IGrabber::SnapAsync(0) and other snap methods during switching on and off the external trigger mode and IGrabber::WaitForSnap() resulting in a timeout for the triggered snaps could result in timeout even if the external trigger mode has been switched off again and a video signal is available in free running mode 06.05.2004 BUGFIX: FG dependent features for mvGAMMA-CL enabled. (3.138.3) UPDATE: Autotrigger feature is now available for the mvCAM4, but this needs at least version of the mvTITAN driver. (3.138.2) BUGFIX: Sizing the preview window in unscaled HL mode now works correctly again. (Bug introduced in version 3.136). (3.138.1) BUGFIX: Restarting a stopped live grab in hardlive resulted in images being grabbed to 0/0 of the desktop for a short period of time (Bug introduced in version 3.136). BUGFIX: Old shortcuts to mvPILOT samples removed from SDK setup. NEW BEHAVIOUR: The trigger input of the mvSIGMA-SQ is now supported by the mvAcquireControl. 16.04.2004 BUGFIX: IGrabber::SelCamera. Calling this function with a string containing the new camera definition could cause internal buffer to be set up wrongly. 29.03.2004 BUGFIX: Scaled softlive for greyscale boards: Display speed optimised (uses less CPU time now) UPDATE: Errorcode table updated. 22.03.2004 BUGFIX: mvdisp.dll fix when moving more then one client window in SL at the same time. UPDATE: *.log-file edit changed to read-only. 19.03.2004 BUGFIX: Scaled softlive now works correct again. (Bug introduced in version 3.133) NEW BEHAVIOUR: Log output edit box is now read-only! 17.03.2004 NEW FEATURE: mvGAMMA-CL support added. BUGFIX: Chrashes related to the use of IPreviewWindow::SetLiveWindow( HWND hWnd ) under Microsoft compilers fixed. BUGFIX: Some display related bugs fixed. BUGFIX: Function IGrabber::SetGrabberType( int GrabberType ) changed to IGrabber::SetGrabberType( unsigned int GrabberType ). The function now checks if the selected type is valid. 23.02.2004 BUGFIX: Mixed DeleteAcquireControl and grabClose calls on the same configuration crash fixed. BUGFIX: Missing Prototype for the function GetFunctionCount added to ifunct.h. BUGFIX: Documentation for IFunctionList::GetFunctionName corrected (Bug introduced in version 3.131) UPDATE: Documentation added to imgGetDIBBits and imgCreateDIB functions of mvimage.h. Some other small documentation updates. UPDATE: Old mvPILOT sample removed from SDK setup, as it made extensive use of the now unsupported mvDisp-DLL. 17.02.2004 NEW BEHAVIOUR: Function IGrabber::Command: Parameter and return value changed from char* to const char*. NEW BEHAVIOUR: Functions IGrabber::SetIniFileName, IGrabber::Trace, IGrabber::SelCamera, IFunctionList::Add, IFunctionList::SelectByName, IError::SetErrorFromObj, IError::SetError and IError::SetReference: Parameter changed from char* to const char*. UPDATE: Adapted to new version of the mvTITAN-RGB. 04.02.2004 BUGFIX: Decreasing the input channel directly after initialisation now works properly. (Bug introduced in version 3.127). NEW BEHAVIOUR: Function IFunction::GetName(): Return value changed from char* to const char*. === CD2004/A === 15.12.2003 NEW BEHAVIOUR: 'Trigger timeout' and 'Autotrigger period' now react on WM_EXIT and not on WM_CHANGE anymore. BUGFIX: Using the 'edit' button of the mvConfig without changing the name of the configuration doesn't result in the deletion of the original configuration (Bug introduced in version 3.128). 02.12.2003 NEW FUNCTIONS: IGrabber::SetExposeFlashCurrent( DWORD current_mA ), IGrabber::GetExposeFlashCurrent( void ) to control the flash current in connection with the mvCAM4 NEW FEATURE: Selection of the expose output is now also supported by the mvCAM-series. NEW FEATURE: mvCAM4 support added. BUGFIX: Autotrigger feature disabled for mvCAM. NEW BEHAVIOUR: default value for expose time and period changed from 200/1000 to 2000/4000 in order to display a correct image with the default parameters with the mvCAM. 27.11.2003 NEW FEATURE: Now the mvAcquireCOntrol can be operated in two ways. Either each user can work with his own configurations or each user works with the same configurations. To be able to store the changed settings users must be allowed to modify the LOCAL_MACHINE section of the registry! When the mvAcquireControl is started for the first time it will ask weather you want to work with global or user specific settings. Please read to new section in the documentation and the text in the corresponding dialog box carefully. NEW FUNCTIONS: GetACConfigurationName( int nr, char *buf, int bufSize ) returns the name of the configuration 'nr' stored in the registry. Call GetNumberOfACConfigurations() to find out hoe many configurations are actually stored in the registry. BUGFIX: Display palette does not interchange red and blue components anymore. BUGFIX: Starting the mvConfig under Windows NT4 in 16 colour mode with no graphic card installed didn't display the options dialog. BUGFIX: WINSCREEN debugging doesn't create a file anymore. A *.log-file now can only be specified in the frame grabbers *.ini-file. 30.10.2003 BUGFIX: Changing the contrast or brightness value caused the corresponding driver function to be called twice. BUGFIX: Pressing the Preview button for an un-present, un-initialised board resulted in two times the same error message. BUGFIX: Loading a colour palette did not removed the down state of the IR-colour button. BUGFIX: Functions ILut::SetLutEntries(...) and ILut::GetLutEntries(...)now check for valid parameters. Start parameter now supported correctly. Return value changed from void to BOOL. NEW BEHAVIOUR: Function ISignals::Signal( int SignalNr ) return value changed from void to BOOL. BUGFIX: Function ILut::SetRollPos now validates the new position. Return value changed from void to BOOL. UPDATE: Debugging tips section added to SDK manual. BUGFIX: Autotrigger disabled for mvCAM, as not available. BUGFIX: Expose time edit always enabled for mvCAM, as the shutter time is always used. Activating the 'enable expose' checkbox also generates the shutter signal on the flash output as well. 16.10.2003 NEW FEATURE: 10-bit grey for TITAN-RGB implemented. BUGFIX: Possible bitspp for G1, GAMMA-G and SLG corrected (only 8 and 10). BUGFIX: When updating from versions older then 3.116 to a newer one with the external trigger mode enabled, after Init 'Autotrigger' was selected in the dialog. BUGFIX: ISignals did not behave correctly when assigning certain signal numbers === CD2003/B === 22.09.2003 BUGFIX: FKERNEL.dll plugin doesn't block the system anymore. (Bug introduced in version 3.121) BUGFIX: Some of the sample programs belonging to the SDK modified and corrected. 29.08.2003 BUGFIX: mvTITAN-CL in continuous exposure mode. BUGFIX: typedefs in grabber.h corrected. Return values of the function pointers for the functions grabSaveConfigFile( char* filename ) and grabLoadConfigFile( char* filename ) changed to BOOL. (Bug introduced in version 3.51) NEW FUNCTION: ILut::SetIRColorPalette loads an infra-red camera style palette. NEW FEATURE: New palette selection button on the palette tab to enable/disable the infra-red style palette. BUGFIX: mv-driver error strings updated and spell checked. UPDATE: Image conversion Calculation speed increased. BUGFIX: Crashes when switching from 'None' to a processing function. BUGFIX: Bug when calling the function DeleteAcquireControl in a debug build. 29.07.2003 NEW SAMPLE: cbSyncCameras added to the installation of the SDK. This sample can be used with the mvTITAN-RGB to display up to 4 sync. grey cameras connected to one of the 2 RGB inputs NEW FEATURE: Image conversion plug-in now supports the LINE_WISE mode, which means it also works for cameras like the TM4000-CL. BUGFIX: Crashes when allocating process function image buffers. (Bug introduced in version 3.119 by rebuilding the cbfunc.dll) BUGFIX: SDK setup corrected. 11.07.2003 BUGFIX: Function IFunctionList::Select chrashed, when no grabber was initialised. NEW BEHAVIOUR: IFunctionList::Select: '-1' now deactivates the current processing function, any value smaller then '-1' returns the index of the actual selected processing function. BUGFIX: fimgconv.dll: Setup of the line pointers for the output image corrected. NEW BEHAVIOUR: Plugins not imported as DLLs have to be deleted by the user to avoid memleaks. See SDK documentation chapter 'How to write processing functions' SDK Samples cbplus and mfcplus changed. 01.07.2003 NEW BEHAVIOUR: Triggered acquisition for mvDELTA/SIGMA boards now makes used of the queuing mode (if available). NEW BEHAVIOUR: Clicking the step buttons on the cineloop tap also changes the snap buffer. Because of that snaps can be stored in every available buffer. BUGFIX: The image copied to the clipboard is always the one selected on the cineloop page now. UPDATE: mvConfig and mvAcquireCOntrol-SDK documentation updated. NEW FEATURE: A delay can now be defined for replaying the sequences on the cineloop tap. NEW FEATURE: Progressbar added to long time integration tap. UPDATE: Long time integration tap reorganised. UPDATE: Spanish translation added to the *.trn file. NEW FUNCTIONS: IOptionDialog::SetDialogStyle( TDialogStyle style ), IOptionDialog::GetDialogStyle(). UPDATE: NEW SDK-setup (InstallShield 5.5 professional), mvtrig.lib removed from setup, shortcut names changed. 25.06.2003 NEW FEATURE: Restore defaults button added to CSI conversion property form. NEW FEATURE: Properties of the CSI conversion plugin are now stored in the registry and will be applied on the next start of the configuration. BUGFIX: State of the 'Display on acquisition' checkbox is now stored in the registry. NEW FEATURE: Averaging button added to cineloop tap. Pressing this button first acquires a sequence like the record button and afterwards the sequence is averaged into buffer 0. This button calls IGrabber->Accumulate. NEW FEATURE: IGrabber::Accumulate now uses the 'mode' mode parameter and works with all boards. Revision of the functions source code. 23.06.2003 BUGFIX: More memleaks fixed (SpinEdit control related ones). Changes in Grabber.dll, fimgconv.dll, fmosaic.dll, fcsi.dll. All controls replaced by corresponding controls which don't cause memleaks. NEW FEATURE: Execution speed of the CSI conversion plugin optimised. 18.06.2003 BUGFIX: Some small memleaks fixed BUGFIX: New triggermode (error occurred in version 3.116). Trigger tab visual controls are now displayed correctly in connection with shutter control again. BUGFIX: ILut::SetRollPosition creates correct palettes now. In previous versions the last element of the palette was incorrect (a copy of the first element). BUGFIX: SnapAsync error handling corrected. 03.06.2003 NEW FUNCTIONs: IPreviewWindow::EnablePreviewControlMenu( BOOL boEnable ), IPreviewWindow::IsPreviewControlMenuEnabled( void ), IPreviewWindow::SetPreviewWindowOnTop( BOOL boOnTop ), IPreviewWindow::IsPreviewWindowOnTop( void ), IPreviewWindow::DisplayHorScrollbar( BOOL boDisplay ), IPreviewWindow::IsHorScrollbarVisible( void ), IPreviewWindow::DisplayVerScrollbar( BOOL boDisplay ), IPreviewWindow::IsVerScrollbarVisible( void ). NEW FUNCTIONS: IGrabber::SetTriggerMode( TTriggerMode mode ), IGrabber::GetTriggerMode( void ), IGrabber::IsTriggerModeAvailable( TTriggerMode mode ), IGrabber::InitiallyEraseImageBuffer( BOOL boErase ) IGrabber::IsInitialEraseActive(), IGrabber::SetStartTrigEdge( BOOL boRaisingEdge ), IGrabber::IsTrigRaisingEdgeActive( void ), IGrabber::IsTrigRaisingEdgeActivePossible( void ) OBSOLETE FUNCTIONS: IGrabber::EnableAutoTrigger(), IGrabber::IsAutoTriggerEnabled() Use the functions IGrabber::SetTriggerMode() and IGrabber::GetTriggerMode instead!!! The old functions still work, but some features are not available with these functions! NEW FEATURE: If the frame grabber supports this feature the 'trigger' tab now has an additional Checkbox to switch between the different trigger edge modes. (See documentation for details). NEW FEATURE: On the 'acquire' tab there is a new Checkbox to initially erase the current snap buffer. (See documentation for details). NEW FEATURE: A new trigger mode has been added to the group box of trigger modes on the 'trigger' tab. (See documentation for details). NEW BEHAVIOUR: New checkbox on trigger tab ('Enable trigger') to activate or deactivate external triggering. NEW FEATURE: FG-dependent features will now be written to the *.log file during the call of of the function IGrabber::Init() with the tracelevel at least set to 1. BUGFIX: Scaled hardlive is now also displayed correctly, if the preview window has been dragged partly out of the visible display area. (mvdisp.dll) UPDATE: Translation file updated. 22.05.2003 BUGFIX: Displaying more then one scaled live preview window is now supported. NEW FEATURE: The preview window has now scrollbars. They can be used in unscaled softlive or DirectDraw modes to scroll through the image and can activated via the preview windows popup menu. BUGFIX: Switching between LTI and shutter or trigger control fixed. If LTI is active, trigger or shutter modes will be switched of automatically and vice versa. 06.05.2003 BUGFIX: TriMedia plugin functions check grabber type correctly now. For TITAN boards this just works correctly with a driver of at least mvTITAN.dll version Older version work as normal but without the detection feature. NEW BEHAVIOUR: SetGrabberType is only possible now, if no board is initialised. BUGFIX: Switching from triggered or autotriggered live acquisition back to 'normal' acquisition didn't freeze the live image anymore. (Error made in version 3.112) NEW BEHAVIOUR: Pressing the 'Snap' button now also displays the preview window. NEW FEATURE: New radio button in the message group box: Show every error or warning. Checking this button is like setting the error show level to 0. NEW FUNCTION: IGrabber::IsSetBrightnessPossible( void ) NEW FUNCTION: IGrabber::IsSetContrastPossible( void ) NEW FUNCTION: IGrabber::IsTriggerPossible( void ) NEW FUNCTION: IGrabber::GetProcessTime( void ) returns the time in ms needed to process the last image, if a processing function is currently activated. NEW BEHAVIOUR: The brightness and contrast controls are only displayed in the dialog now, if the actual board supports this feature. BUGFIX: SDIG works properly again. Error made in version 3.111. BUGFIX: FKERNEL-DLL. Selected filter is now stored in the registry, filter selection takes immediate effect now. NEW FUNCTION: IGrabber::IsHardlivePossible() returns true if hardlive is possible with the current settings. 02.05.2003 BUGFIX: CopyToClipboard button related crashes under WIN98se fixed. BUGFIX: When changing the error show level with the function IOptionDialog::SetErrorShowLevel() when the frame grabber was not initialised the dialog radio buttons weren't updated to display the new level. NEW BEHAVIOUR: Simulated interrupt generation period changes immediately with the changing of the camera definitions parameter 'Vertical Frequency' UPDATE: New documentation added to SDK setup. UPDATE: mvConfig documentation updated. NEW FEATURE: new class added to SDK setup: TMVacquireControl acts as a wrapper for DLL access and stuff like that. See new documentation for details. NEW FEATURE: Two new samples added to SDK setup to demonstrate how to use the class TMVacquireControl. These samples are name SimpleSample and SimpleSampleBorland. UPDATE: SDK setup reorganized. Unneeded stuff and old documentation removed, folder structure changed. mvPILOT header removed. NEW FUNCTION: IAcquireControl::GetISignals provides access to the signals interface now. BUGFIX: Delete function added to invert plugin NEW BEHAVIOUR: Preview window popup menu disabled for hardlive mode. BUGFIX: Two missing page defines in ioptdlg.h added (ShutterSheet, ExposeSheet). NEW FUNCTION: IOptionDialog::LoadConfigFile( char* configFileName ) loads a configuration file. NEW FUNCTION: IOptionDialog::SaveConfigFile( char* configFileName ) saves a configuration file. NEW FUNCTION: IGrabber::GetBoardTypeString( void ) returns the board type stored in the frame grabbers EEPROM. NEW FUNCTION: IGrabber::GetBoardSerialNumber( void ) returns the frame grabbers serial number as stored in the frame grabbers EEPROM. NEW FUNCTION: IGrabber::GetBoardHardwareRevision( void ) returns the frame grabbers hardware revision as stored in the frame grabbers EEPROM. NEW FUNCTION: IOptionDialog::SetDialogLanguage( TDialogLanguage newLanguage ) selects the language, the dialog is currently displayed in. NEW FUNCTION: IOptionDialog::GetDialogLanguage( TDialogLanguage newLanguage ) returns the currently selected language of the dialog. NEW FUNCTION: IOptionDialog::SetTraceLevel( int traceLevel), IOptionsDialog::GetTraceLevel() to access the debug level of the grabber-DLL. NEW FUNCTION: IOptionDialog::SetLogOutput( char* logFileName ), IOptionDialog::GetLogOutput() to access the log output as defined in the options dialog. NEW BEHAVIOUR: Camera dialog is displayed in modal state now. 16.04.2003 BUGFIX: Long time integration with IGrabber::SnapAsync now works properly. NEW BEHAVIOUR: The function IError::GetErrString( char* pStr, int nMaxBufLen ) now returns the length of the error string, which may be longer then the size of the user supplied string buffer. BUGFIX: Revision of the Thread handling. This fixes the error during the delete of AcquireControl instances when working with more then one instance. In previous versions not every thread did terminate correctly. BUGFIX: MemLeaks in CSI conversion plugin fixed (FCSI.dll). 26.03.2003 BUGFIX: Missing italian translations added, some controls adjusted in order to be large enough to hold the captions in every language. BUGFIX: Exposure mode now works correctly with the mvCAM as well. NEW FUNCTION: IGrabber::GetDisplayBuffer returns the actual selected display buffer. NEW FUNCTION: IGrabber::GetSnapBuffer returns the actual selected snap buffer. NEW FUNCTION: IGrabber::GetIniFilename returns the actual used *.ini-file. UPDATE: Parameter names changed from 'nr' to 'increment' in functions IGrabber::IncSnapBuffer( int increment ) and IGrabber::IncDisplayBuffer( int increment ) BUGFIX: TGrabber::WaitForSnap(....): This function now works with activated software plugins for boards with the function mvWaitForSnap as well, giving correct images under IMPACT, Halcon a.s.o. again. BUGFIX: Resizing the scaled live window with active color palette now works properly. BUGFIX: Preview button has always the correct caption now. NEW BEHAVIOUR: class IEvent removed from the SDK setup because this class has become obsolete. Use IGrabEvent instead. BUGFIX: Now the function IGrabber::GetMaxSnapBuffer() always returns the correct value, which is the number of images, which can be snapped un-scaled in a sequence into the frame grabbers DMA memory. BUGFIX: Palette tab updated and bugfixed. RollPosition and selected Palette is now stored in the registry. BUGFIX: In class ILut the functions SetGreyPalette and SetColorPalette now reset the Rollposition. BUGFIX: Calculation of the trigger frequency with more then one board in triggered mode now works properly. BUGFIX: Selecting 'stay on top' from the context menu of the preview window switched back to un-scaled display with some grabbers in previous versions. BUGFIX: Pressing the 'Snap' or the 'Copy' button with no grabber selected doesn't result in a crash anymore. BUGFIX: Dll version check when pressing the start button in the mvConfig is just executed once now. When this check fails the Option dialog is NOT created anymore. NEW BEHAVIOUR: Advanced feature settings in the camera dialog changed. 'Variable Scan' checkbox replaced by two new checkboxes ('H-Sync. ext.' and 'V-Sync. ext') If one of these checkboxes is checked, this implies, that the corresponding sync. signal is not part of the video signal, but comes on a separate wire. The old variable scan mode is equivalent to both checkboxes checked, i.e. both V-sync. and H-sync. are not part of the video signal. === CD2003/A === 03.03.2003 NEW BEHAVIOUR: In the mvConfig(startup) dialog: Only configurations can be deleted, which are not active at the moment. As a result deleting a configuration really deletes the configuration under every circumstances. BUGFIX: Cineloop-tab updated. Correct ( previously selected ) buffer is now displayed at the end of the recording, actual image edit set to 'read only', preview window heading is no refreshed even if 'display on record' is set to false. Controls 'actual image' and 'Number of images to take' are also updated on buffer changes now. NEW BEHAVOIUR: Shutter control info texts are now translated as well. BUGFIX: Cineloop: Access violation when saving more images then previously recorded fixed, Edit control 'Images to take' now always contains the images taken after recording. BUGFIX: Pressing the 'Copy' button during a scaled live preview results in an unscaled clipboard image now. No access violation anymore. 25.02.2003 UPDATE: Translation files for Italian and French. BUGFIX: Access violation if not enough RAM for plugin processed images NEW BEHAVIOUR: TGrabber::AbortSnap stops snap thread as well. 24.02.2003 BUGFIX: Function Record can now be called from more devices calling from parallel threads. NEW BEHAVIOUR: Trigger tab updated and reorganised. BUGFIX: External Trigger and autotrigger cannot be activated at the same time. BUGFIX: Exposure time and exposure period overflow error during calculation of the parameters fixed. BUGFIX: Now the gain in function TGrabber::SetBrightness is calculated correctly BUGFIX: Autotrigger now works under all conditions. NEW FUNCTION: 4 new functions related to the shutter control added to class IGrabber: IGrabber::SetShutterStart( BOOL boShutterVSyncSynchronous ), pass TRUE and the sequence is started VSync. synchronous. IGrabber::IsShutterStartVSyncSynchronous( void ) returns actual status IGrabber::SetShutterAcquireStart( TShutterAcquireStartMode mode ), acquisition will start either with next VSync. or with next VSync. after the end of the sequence IGrabber::GetShutterAcquireStart( void ) returns actual mode In the AcquireControl this features can be controlled with two new checkboxes on the shutter tab. 10.02.2003 NEW BEHAVIOUR: Function Record: User semaphore is now only released(signaled) when there has been a valid image and NOT if a timeout occurred. BUGFIX: FIMGCONV.dll. This version doesn't cause any problems within the registry in connection with the FMOSAIC.dll anymore. 07.02.2003 BUGFIX: Record called with a user semaphore now work from separate threads and is signaled correctly. 06.02.2003 NEW BEHAVIOUR: Queuing boards now make use of queued snaps during sequence acquisition with Cineloop or the SDK function 'Record' 17.01.2003 NEW FEATURE: All plugins added to the SDK setup NEW FEATURE: versionInfo.txt added to the SDK setup NEW FEATURE: FIMGCONV plugin, which can be used for various image transformations, such as changing width, height, bpp in an image. In addition to that data from cameras with multiple tap output can be transformed into a correct image. NEW FUNCTION: IGrabber::GetDriverRevision() returns the current frame grabbers dll version. NEW BEHAVIOUR: The function IGrabber->Live() now can be called without displaying the Preview window. By default the window is still displayed, but when passing false to the function, the window remains hidden now. IMPORTANT: __________ This may be a compatibillity problem in some cases! Do not run applications which have been compiled with this declaration of the Live function on target systems with an older version of the Grabber.dll! NEW BEHAVIOUR: The values 'gain' and 'offset' cannot be set by the analogue feature settings of the camera dialog anymore. Use the two sliders on the integration tab instead. 08.01.2003 NEW BEHAVIOUR: Recording function makes use of the snap timeout values now. 18.12.2002 BUGFIX: Snap into buffers > 1 with the software plugins. BUGFIX: Cineloop 12.12.2002 BUGFIX: SnapAsync with plugins is working properly now. NEW FUNCTION: IGrabber::GetActualCameraName() returns the name of the actual camera definition. BUGFIX: Snap into buffers > 1 with the MosaicColor(mvTITAN) plugin is now working properly. NEW FUNCTION: New functions in Class IPreviewWindow::EnableDrawing can be used to switch off and on the display refresh, IsDrawingEnabled returns the current status. BUGFIX: Image refresh problem when switching from live to snap for titan boards. Occasionally the image wasn't refreshed correctly. (See IPrevwnd.h). BUGFIX: If the display-on-record checkbox is switched of there is even for TITAN boards no undesired refresh anymore. 02.12.2002 BUGFIX: Function IGrabber->GetImageNo(). Fixed and revised. NEW FEATURE: Color modes COL_G2, COL_G3 and COL_G4 are now supported by the mvAcqurire- Control SDK. BUGFIX: Call of the function IGrabber->Record with ImageCount < 1 doesn't result In a crash any more. Revision of function Record. BUGFIX: Now the camdefs.ini file is also displayed in the camera dialog on W98SE systems. UPDATE: Translation files for Italian and French. NEW FEATURE: versionInfo.txt added to standard installation of mvAcquireControl 21.11.2002 NEW BEHAVIOUR: Expose active and Enable shutter control now cannot be activated at the same time any more. BUGFIX: Checkbox 'UseInterrupts': If the checkbox was unchecked and another grabber has been selected afterwards, interrupts have been used, but the checkbox hasn't been checked again. BUGFIX: Standard mode DIG8 changed (see MVACQU.dll) NEW FEATURE : Mosaic plugin changed (see fmosaic.dll) for TITAN boards. Now also the offset tab is supported. 31.10.2002 NEW BEHAVIOUR: Now the DLL-Version number is displayed instead of the driver release date on the setup tab. NEW FEATURE: Exposure mode handling for mvTITAN-CL added to the dialog and to the public interface (new functions added (see igrabber.h)). New controls for mvTITAN-CL boards added to exposure tab(Divider, expose output, exposure mode, ImageList for exposure mode pictures. BUGFIX: Combobox init for BitsPerComponent and ExposureMode. UPDATE: German translation file updated. 25.10.2002 NEW FEATURE: mvGAMMA-G board support added. UPDATE: Grabber names changed (upper <-> lower case) UPDATE: Cineloop buttons changed. 18.10.2002 NEW BEHAVIOUR: SnapTimeout changed to DWORD -> Now only ms can be entered, but internally the >10000 handling is done in function TGrabber::DoSnap. NEW FUNCTION: IGrabber->GetTimeout() returns the actual snap timeout in ms BUGFIX: TSnapThread::Execute. UserEvent is only signalled when valid image data is available now. === CD2002/D === < CD2002/D earlier versions