===================================================================== Version info HFGMatrixVsion <-> Halcon interface ===================================================================== 15.12.2006 NEW FEATURE ADDED: 'image_available' for get_framegrabber_param operator. 10.11.2006 BUGFIX: Switching camera definitions caused the next image to be invalid. 21.02.2006 'do_abort' -> 'do_abort_grab', both versions work. 20.06.2005 NEW FEATURES ADDED: The current and max. snapqueue level can now be requested, the start snapqueue level can be defined(with respect to the max. number of buffers as defined by the interface (MAX_BUFFERS)). 08.02.2005 BUGFIX: Board was closed when the when the first instance to it was closed 28.10.2004 NEW BEHAVIOUR: All strcmp calls replaced by stricmp calls (case insensitive) NEW BEHAVIOUR: Now FG_QUERY_CAMERA_TYPE returns the list of stored configurations for the mvAcquireControl. (STL stuff replaced by struct and some c-lib calls) 25.10.2004 NEW FEATURE: FG_QUERY_INFO_BOARDS now also returns a list of stored configurations for the mvAcquireControl. 29.09.2004 NEW FEATURE: New parameter added to functions 'set_framegrabber_param' and 'get_framegrabber_param': 'sync_channel'. 27.09.2004 NEW BEHAVIOUR: If the currently activated digital output mask is SIG_USER, then the modified mask will be applied to the digital outputs if modified. 22.09.2004 NEW BEHAVIOUR: WaitForSnap now can result in H_ERR_FGTIMEOUT, H_ERR_FGNV, H_ERR_FGF or H_MSG_OK. 10.08.2004 NEW BEHAVIOUR: Adapted to new signal mask handling in the mvAcquireControl (Ver 3.144) Now the user defined signal mask has to be 32 characters long! NEW FEATURE: New parameter added to function 'get_framegrabber_param': 'current_dig_in_status' to return the current status of the digital input of the device. 05.07.2004 BUGFIX: Error message box text ' ...DMA memory is too small...' corrected. 09.01.2004 NEW BEHAVIOUR: FreeLibrary is called in the destructor of TMVAcquireControl again. NEW BEHAVIOUR: When there is not enough DMA memory, a message box will pop up informing the user what to do. 13.11.2003 NEW BEHAVIOUR: FreeLibrary is not called in the destructor of TMVAcquireControl anymore. 03.11.2003 BUGFIX: Errorhandling updated. 16.10.2003 NEW FEATURE: New parameters added to functions 'set_framegrabber_param' and 'get_framegrabber_param': 'queued_mode' for lossless image acquisition. 06.10.2003 NEW FEATURE: New parameters added to functions 'set_framegrabber_param' and 'get_framegrabber_param': 'brightness', 'contrast', 'expose_period_time', 'expose_time'. These can be used to control certain parameters of the mvAcquireControl directly from a HALCON program. NEW FEATURE: New parameter added to functions 'set_framegrabber_param' and 'get_framegrabber_param': 'define_dig_io_mask'. Like in the mvAcquireControl a 16-bit mask can be used to set certain digital I/O pins of the frame grabber if supported by the board. See mvAcquireControl documentation for more details. NEW FEATURE: New parameter added to functions 'set_framegrabber_param' and 'get_framegrabber_param': 'active_dig_io_mask' can be used to apply certain bit masks to the digital I/O pins of the frame grabber (if supported). NEW BEHAVIOUR: Now IGrabber->SnapAsync(0) and IGrabber->WaitForSnap() are used instead of the Event in the old revision. 30.09.2003 NEW FEATURE: New parameter added to functions 'set_framegrabber_param' and 'get_framegrabber_param': 'shutter_time' to control the shutter time in the mvConfig programatically under HDevelop. NEW BEHAVIOUR: Default parameters for shuttertime, snap and trigger timeout and trigger mode are now taken from the configuration of the mvConfig. UPDATE: DLL version number adapted to interface revision number. 06.08.2003 Grabber DLL version check implemented. If the version of the mvAcquireControl is too old, the user gets an error message now. 05.08.2003 Version 2.3 of the interface. 24.06.2003 NEW FEATURE: New parameter for function 'set_framegrabber_param' added : 'do_abort'. Ends the current image acquisition immediately. This parameter only makes sense when using parallel Halcon. BUGFIX: Readout of the actual trigger mode added to function 'get_framegrabber_param'. 28.05.2003 NEW FEATURE: New parameter for function 'set_framegrabber_param' added : 'trigger_mode'. Valid values are 'ExternalTrigger', 'ExternalStartStop' and 'AutoTrigger'. These features are not avialable for every frame grabber. If unsure read in the corresponding section of the mvConfig documentation or see, which modes are available under the mvConfig. These parameter enhances the functiontionallity of the parameter 'external_trigger', when 'external_trigger' is enabled, by default external triggering is selected. Any other mode can be selected using the new paramter. UPDATE: Info string for available ports updated, new interface revision: 2.3 29.04.2003 BUGFIX: Selecting the input channel is working correctly again. 24.04.2003 RECOMPILED: With new class TMVacquireControl 15.04.2003 BUGFIX: Using more then one instance to the same frame grabber in connection with channel switching fixed. Added instance parameter to TFGInstance structure. BUGFIX: Allocate buffer section in the open function: Now the selected buffer after the Init is the first Snap buffer belonging to that instance. In the previous version this was always buffer 0. 25.02.2003 NEW BEHAVIOUR: Now TGrabber::AbortSnap is used instead of TGrabber::StopLive() NEW FEATURE: versionInfo resource added to dll project 10.12.2002 1.4.1 BUGFIX: Error is now cleared after initialisation of the frame grabber. This caused a 'no video signal' error on the first issued snap command in previous versions. 18.11.2002 1.4 NEW FEATURE: New parameter for function 'set_framegrabber_param' added : 'camera_definition' valid values are all camera definitions from the camdefs.ini file. This parameter can be used to switch between different camera definitions without the need to close the frame grabber in between. BUGFIX: 'external_trigger' now also implemented in the GetFG_Param function. 18.10.2002 1.3 NEW FEATURE: New parameter for function 'set_framegrabber_param' added: 'external_trigger' valid values are 'true' ( enable external trigger ) 'false' ( disable external trigger ) NEW BEHAVOUR: Timeout handling for values >10000 removed again, as the Grabber.dll has been changed to accept pure ms values now. Both trigger- and normal timeout can be set and used now. 15.10.2002 1.2 BUGFIX: Timeout values higher then 10000 work differently under the MVAcquireControl, therefore these values have to be modified before passing them to the AcquireControl instance. E.g.: 32701 ms become 10033 for the MVAcquireControl From 10000 on the last 3 digits of the timeout value are interpreted as seconds. PROBLEM: In applications, which use the external trigger method, the trigger timeout has to be higher then the desired timeout set by HALCON in order to ensure the correct signalisation of the event. 10.10.2002 1.1 BUGFIX: When closing Halcon there was an access violation if you have worked with any MATRIX Vision device. Bug fixed by freeing the previously created AcquireControl instance. previous versions