MATRIX VISION - mvBlueFOX Technical Documentation
Appendix C. Tested ARM platforms

MATRIX VISION devices can be used on ARM based platforms running Linux without limitation regarding the available feature set or API functions. However each platform might have it's own specific limits regarding achievable data throughput, RAM or bus speeds. Apart from that each platform might come with it's own specific set of challenges and modifications that have to be applied in order to run your devices at maximum performance.

This chapter will list test results and contains specific information for each platform tested that might help to get your system up and running quickly. It will also explain specific changes that have been applied on certain systems and will highlight specific problems that where identified during the tests.

SystemArchitectureTechnology Test ResultsApprox. pricePerformanceSuitable forMore information


NVIDIA Jetson AGX XavierNVIDIA Carmel ARMv8.2ca. 650-700$Demanding
NVIDIA Jetson NanoARM Cortex-A5790-100$Mid-Range
NVIDIA Jetson TX2ARM Cortex-A57ca. 400$Demanding
Raspberry Pi 4ARM Cortex-A7235-75$Price Sensitive

The following platforms have been tested by MATRIX VISION.