MATRIX VISION - mvBlueFOX Technical Documentation
Raspberry Pi 4


The Raspberry Pi 4 is a well priced platform regarding it's performance.

CPUCortex-A72 @ 1500MHz
RAM1/2/4/8 GB
USB2.0 Interfaces2
USB3.0 Interfaces2
Ethernet10/100/1000 MBit
For the following benchmark the 4GB version of the Raspberry Pi 4 with Raspbian OS has been used.


USB2.0 Performance

Test setup

Additional Settings Applied On The System

mvIMPACT Acquire - System Settings

Request Count20
A Request in the mvIMPACT Acquire API represents a buffer where an image with the current device configuration is captured into. In order to avoid losing images at a high FPS, it's recommended to increase the number of these request buffers (i.e. ' RequestCount' in ' SystemSettings', by default the value is set to 4 for MATRIX VISION USB2.0 cameras), so that the driver can continue capturing image data even if the host application is slower at processing an image than the camera transferring one. As a rule of thumb, the number of capture buffers should be configured roughly within the range of FPS/2 and FPS/5. In the following test, the RequestCount is set to 20 which is roughly FPS/5.


CameraResolutionPixel FormatFrame Rate [Frames/s]Bandwidth [MB/s]CPU Load
mvBlueFOX-IGC200wC752 x 480Mono89433.88~29%