Extended Temperature (ET)

With immediate effect several USB3 Vision camera models may be ordered with the "Enhanced Temperature" (ET) option

Especially in rough environments a camera’s standard permissible ambient temperature of 0 to 45 °C is not sufficient to ensure safe operation. With the option ET, MATRIX VISION enhances the temperature range from -40 °C to +55/+65 °C in environments without condensing humidity.

Although the standard operation of the camera is guaranteed to work in this enhanced temperature range, operation outside the standard range could possibly lead to limitations. For example:

  • Images are displayed slightly darker than usual.
  • There could be more noise in the image especially in darker areas and in case of longer exposure times.
  • Under certain circumstances the color accuracy of the color models is reduced.
  • More blemished pixels are visible.
  • Long operation at higher temperatures reduces the lifetime of the device.

All MATRIX VISION cameras with ET option are guaranteed to be able to use the full range of features in combination with extreme temperatures except for the limitations listed above.
All cameras with this option are improved with additional cooling and have passed tests in a climate chamber for several hours.
These are necessary in order to ensure that the cameras start at both highest and lowest temperatures and deliver perfect images over the complete temperature cycle.
The removal of heat via thermally conductive materials over the camera mounting plays a large part in particular during operation at higher temperatures.
We recommend to use e.g. thermopads or forced convection as an external cooling.
The quality of this connection can be measured using the in-built temperature sensors of the camera (separately for the sensor and mainboard) and should not exceed 75°C (sensor) or 85°C (mainboard). The max. housing temperature is 65°C.

At the moment the ET option is available for (further models and prices available on request):

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