10bpp images with mvIMPACT Go!, mvIMPACT S or mvIMPACT SDK

mvIMPACT Go!, mvIMPACT S, mvIMPACT SDK, mvAcquireControl

All programms which have been build with the mvIMPACT SDK and the Windows applications mvIMPACT S/Go! use the mvAcquireControl as an interface to the MATRIX VISION frame grabber. All settings made in the mvConfig/mvAcquireControl configuration dialog will be used automatically by all mvIMPACT programs. By default the "default" configuration will be used unless specified otherwise.

To acquire 10bpp greyscale images under mvIMPACT Go!/S first of all the grabber needs to be set up for that.

Therefore the user can use either set up the configuration with the mvConfig tool or the settings can be made directly under mvIMPACT Go!/S under "Tools" -> "Device Manager" -> "Matrix Vision" -> "Configure...". Both will lead to the same configuration dialog. On the property page labeled "acquire" the user has to select "greyscale" -> "10 bit".

Afterwards the mvIMPACT Go!/S display has to be configured for 10bpp. This is done under "tools" -> "Options" by setting the "Default shift for 16bit images" parameter to 2.

Now 10bpp images can be acquired.

In the description of the function IPL_GetDispData explains how to make use of the shift parameters. The function DISP_Control(DISP_SHIFT...) can be used to set up the shift parameter for the vl_display module.

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