more grabber appears in the pci listing as real exist


The mainboard BIOS can"t detect the resources of the grabber correctly. This is a failure of the mainboard BIOS and cannot fixed by us.

However there are two possible workarounds that may fix the problem:

1. You can set the base address from the grabber with the function SetMemBase. But note that you must use a
Non Plug"n Play system like Windows NT 4 because modern operating systems don"t allow you
modify the base address of a PCI device.

SetMemBase (Bridge Nr. Slot Nr.) .....
In this case e.g. :

SetMemBase 0x0201 0 0 -> this selects the standard address and do not change it
SetMemBase 0x0201 0xDB100000 0 -> this sets the base address to the value which is plausible.
SetMemBase 0x0201 0xA0000000 -> this sets the base address to any free memory area.

2. You can change the mainboard to a completly different (in the best case) a different manufacturer.
Maybe there is a BIOS update available, which can be found on the motherboard manufacturers homepage. Please
that you have to flash your BIOS at your own risk.

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