Interfacing cameras with bayer mosaic filter in mvAcquireControl

mvAcquireControl, mvTITAN-CL, mvTITAN-DIG, pcIMAGE-SDIG

You must activate at least a cameradefinition which was suitable to your used camera in the
register "camera". You must acquire an perfect gray scale imgage which shows a slight and regular
pattern over the complete image. This came from the mosaic filter on the sensor.
If you cannot find your camera in the file which was shipped by standard , please feel free
to ask us , maybe we had more information about this camera.

With the pcIMAGE-SDIG:
In the register "Acquire" please activate the "greyscale" checkbox with 8 bits.
In the register "Processing" please choose "MosaicColor" in the listbox.

If you do this, the color conversion is active and you shuld see a color live preview and a coloured
single snap. Note : The coloured live preview has a resolution which is smaller than the maximum
possible resolution and has a lesser quality.
It"s because the continous live preview uses a simple but fast conversion.
If you take a single snap, the best color conversation and full resolution was used.

With the "settings" dialogue in the register "processing" you can adjust the strenghten for
every single color channel and do an automatic white compensation.

With the mvTITAN-DIG / mvTITAN-CL:
In the register "Acquire" the button "greyscale" must be disabled!
Choose the "MosaicColor (mvTITAN)" in the "Processing" register.
This enabled the color conversation and you should be able to see an coloured live preview and
a coloured single snap.
If not , please make sure to use the video mode VM_DIG32 in your camera definition because the mvTITAN-DIG
use 32bpp for images instead of 8bpp with activated demosaicing.
With "Settings" in the register "Processing" you can increase color boosting for each color channel and you can do a
automatic white balance.

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