Error #1 when initialising or image acquisition

pcIMAGE-SDIG, mvAcquireControl

This error message is set each time the size of the image to acquire is greater than the size of the available DMA buffer. The actual setting of the used cameradefinition or rather the settings of the Acquire_DEF_T structure is decisive for the calculation of the image size.
In this case either the size of the DMA buffer must be increased that at least one full image fits into the buffer or the size of the image to acquire must be reduced.
The size of one image is defined by the number of pixel per line the number of lines per image and the number of Bytes per pixel. Think about the needed amount of Bits per pixel. Please remember that greyscale images with more than 8bpp always need 2Bytes per pixel. It doesn"t matter if 10bpp 12bpp or 16bpp are chosen.
Note to mvAcquireControl: If the checkbox "Greyscale" in the Register "Acquire" is not activated mvAcquireControl always uses 32bpp (4Bytes per pixel)!

An other reason for this error message can be that the DMA buffer cannot be allocated. Often this is caused by a wanted buffer size which is greater than the available memory of the system. In this case the wanted size must be reduced as small as the system can allocate it. Note that it isn"t useful to reduce the size smaller than 4MB.
If it isn"t possible to get the minimal buffer size of 4MB you have to check if enough RAM is installed or if an other programm or driver iftself allocates a large memory so that not enough memory is left for the DMA buffer. In the last case try to reduce the memory needed by this program or driver or at least deinstall this programm if possible.

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