Notes for usage of camera Jai CV-A1 with mvTITAN-G1 or pcIMAGE-SG

mvTITAN-G1, pcIMAGE-SG/SGVS, mvAcquireControl

- camera must be connected to the frame grabber by using a cable "KS41" or a similar one
- camera is connected to the computer"s serial port by an suitable cable
- a suitable program (like mvConfig) is running and the frame grabber can be initialised
- active camera definition is "Jai-CV-A1"
- the "Jai A1 Control Tool" is installed and runs perfect

Necessary settings in the Jai A1 Control Tool:
Trigger Mode: Normal (free-running), Edge Pre-select or Pulse Width Control (all other modes can run but were not tested)
Sync Signal Output: On. This setting must always be set. Otherwise no sync information is included in the video signal and as a result of that the frame grabber can"t acquire an image.
Partial Scan Mode: Full Frame. If a partial scan mode 1/2, 1/3 or 1/6 should be used you have to fit the camera definition to the corresponding number of lines.

To use the camera"s pixel clock be sure to set the following:
- used cable must connect the camera"s PixelClock-output to the frame grabber"s PixelClock-input (like KS41S)
- in Jai A1 Control Tool "Pixel Clock out" must be set to "On"
- in camera definition in the line "DefCamType..." the entry "PCLK_INTERN" must be changed to "PCLK_EXTERN" or the equivalent setting in the mvAcquireControl"s dialog box "Select Camera" must be set.

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