Ask for AIA module


Therefor the function mvGetModuleInfo() can be used.


VOID _MVDFKT mvGetModuleInfo ( DEV_T FAR* dev, /* pointer to device-key */ BYTE Modules, /* how many modules should be checked */ INFO_T FAR* info) /* info-structures */

The parameter "Modules" will be ignored by the pcIMAGE-SDIG driver, because only one module is possible on that board.
If an AIA module is connected the structure element INFO_T::BoardType is ste to "AIA". Otherwise this string is empty.


BOOL IsAIAModuleAvailable( DEV_T FAR* dev ) { INFO_T info; mvGetModuleInfo(dev,1,&info); if ( strcmp(info.BoardType , "AIA") == 0 ) return TRUE; else return FALSE; }

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