LabVIEW support for MATRIX VISION Frame Grabbers

LabVIEW, mvAcquireControl

MATRIX VISION offers an interface written in "G" an therefore based on LabVIEW VIs. Using this interface MATRIX VISION frame grabber boards can be accessed and used under the LabVIEW environment. Since CD2002C this interface can be found on our standard driver CD and can also be downloaded free of charge from our website.

The following steps are necessary to work with a MATRIX VISION frame grabber und LabVIEW:

  1. Installation of the hardware in a free PCI slot of the target system and afterwards installation of the corresponding driver as explained in the frame grabbers manual.
  2. Installation of the mvAcquireControl an initial operation of the frame grabber following the instructions in the mvAcquireControls manual.
  3. Installation of the LabVIEW interface package (LabVIEW SDK) on the target system
  4. Operation of the frame grabber following the instructions in the LabVIEW SDKs manual.


Several sample VIs explain how to work with both frame grabber and LabVIEW interface. More hints and information can be found in the corresponding documentation.


  • The LabVIEW interface does NOT provide direct hardware access!
  • Therefore the board specific driver MUST be installes and also the mvAcquireControl MUST be installed on the target system!
  • Before starting to work under LabVIEW it might be a good idea to understand the basic principles of the mvAcquireControl.

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