Difference between configuration file *.cfg and configurations with mvConfig


All settings of the mvAcquireControl are stored in an internal structure and are stored
in the registry every time the mvAcquireControl is closed. So that you get all the settings of the last session with the next start.
In mvConfig.exe you can add configurations to the predefined configuration "Default". Every configuration in mvConfig
has its own key in the registry. In each key all the settings of the mvAcquireControl are stored. The configuration marked
in mvConfig before starting descides in with registry key the settings are stored.The current settings of the mvAcquireControl
can be saved also in a file. This file is called the configuration file and has the extension *.cfg. All settings which are set
at the moment you press the "Save Config" button in the register "Setup" are stored in this file. To load such a configuration file
use the button "Load Config". It doesn"t matter f you do this before or after the board was initialised.
But it is not possible to switch to an other hardware when the other hardware is still open.
In this case you have to close the hardware before with "Close Board".
With the configuration file you have for expample the possibility to take a configuration from one system to an other.

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