No image can be taken with a VDS CCD1300 camera

pcIMAGE-SDIG, mvAcquireControl

The modes of the VDS CCD1300 can be set by special digital outputs of the pcIMAGE-SDIG AIAZ.
One of these modes is the Image On Demand mode (IOD).
In this mode the camera needs an external trigger signal to integrate and send an image.
If the LED "IOD" lights the camera runs in this mode.
If the camera runs in this mode and no external trigger signal is connected to the camera ,
the camera sends no images and the pcIMAGE-SDIG AIAZ cannot acquire an image.
You can see this by an error message #100 when doing a single acquisition and by black or distorted images.
The camera sends images if the LED "FOUT" lights.

To switch the IOD mode off you can do the following:
The following description needs the cable KS51-0090 or compatible (DigIO 5 is conneted to the IOD pin of the camera)
Set the digital output 5 of the SDIG to high by setting the bit 5 of the mvWriteDigIO command.
In the mvAcquireControl you can do this by using the bitmask "xxxxxxxxxx1xxxxx" in the line "Integration Off" of the register "Signals".
With this the IOD mode is set every time you start the mvAcquireControl. A doubleclick on a bitmask sets the DigIOs immediately.
The bitmask "xxxxxxxxxx0xxxxx" turns the IOD mode off.

Activating the Expose signal:
If no external expose signal is supplied to camera it can be supplied
by the pcIMAGE-SDIG AIAZ if using the cable KS51-0090 or compatible.
For setting this signal you can define it in the register "Expose" of the mvAcquireControl or by using the command
mvSetExpose(). You can find a description of this command in the SDIG"s manual.

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