Is there any speciality while using NeuroCheck 6.x in connection with mvIMPACT Acquire .NET API?

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During the installation of NeuroCheck 6.x, the bindings for the frame grabber families mvHYPERION und mvTITAN, which are developed by NeuroCheck, are also installed. NeuroCheck uses a defined version of the .NET mv.impact.acquire.dll:

  • NeuroCheck 6.0: version older than 2.10.x.x
  • NeuroCheck 6.1: version 2.10.x.x

Because NeuroCheck uses the NeuroCheck installation folder for all third party interfaces, you have to keep several things in mind:

If you want to use mvTITAN or mvHYPERION frame grabbers

you have to use mv.impact.acquire.dll versions from NeuroCheck 6.x. An update of the .NET DLL is only possible by NeuroCheck. As soon as the the MATRIX VISION driver detects a NeuroCheck installation during the installation process, it wants to install the NeuroCheck binding. You have to switch off this behavior during the installation process (deselect "NeuroCheck 6.0 Support" and "NeuroCheck 6.1 Support"). Otherwise you will overwrite the existing .NET DLL and you cannot use the frame grabbers anymore:

If you want to use the supported MATRIX VISION cameras

you can execute the MATRIX VISION installation process without any additional intervention. The .NET DLLs are overwritten and you can use the cameras. As mentioned above, you cannot use the frame grabbers anymore.


  1. We recommend to install NeuroCheck first. This is the only way to guarantee that the frame grabbers work or that the cameras work because the are installed afterwards.
  2. Please note the following: If you uninstall the driver via MATRIX VISION's deinstallation routine, it is possible that the .NET DLL will be removed from the NeuroCheck directory.
  3. If anything is unclear or if you have questions, please contact our support team or NeuroCheck's support team.

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