Custom developments

In many areas of technology, medicine and biology, image-producing processes are involved which do not make use of optical sensors. Because of them objects can be made visible that are usually not accessible to the human eye or to normal cameras.

Typical applications such as:

  • raster electron microscopes
  • laser scanning microscopes
  • x-ray sensors
  • ultrasonic sensors
  • stereo cameras
  • duplex cameras

Just as the "cameras" are unusual, so too are the time characteristics of the signals and their information content. In order to extract impressive images from these exotic voltage fluctuations, complicated algorithms, partly implemented in software and partly in specially developed hardware need to be applied. MATRIX VISION can offer first-class references in this area.

However, processing "common" video signals is often not possible or meaningful using standard products, because of marginal conditions. Additionally, with the aid of customized lightings it is possible to improve the quality of images significantly. Due to the deliberate concentration of development of components and solutions to the area of digital image processing, MATRIX VISION has built up its know-how over many years to a level which is unique, world-wide, so that we are not afraid of any challenge in our area.

In nearly all areas of image processing and for every application we offer the matching hardware and software or are able to develop it if needed. The standard products reflect this large knowledge in the unique diversity and constantly growing range of our frame grabbers, standard cameras and intelligent camera products.

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