Support for motorized lenses (zoom, focus, iris)

In contrast to machine vision applications with constant lightings and fixed focal lenghts, outdoor applications such as traffic monitoring, security, or sports demand to control image brightness, field of view, zoom, focus, or iris. Lenses with motors offer the possibility to remotely manipulate these settings and the Dual-GigE camera mvBlueCOUGAR-XD offers the possibility to control motorized lenses.


Motorized lenses differ by the fact what element is motorized and how. Lenses with motors differ by the voltage they accept and by certain wiring specialities. Driving voltages may be between 3 and 12V DC, wiring may be 2 wires per motor (a.k.a. bipolar) or with one wire per motor and common ground. Some lenses offer potentiometers so that the actual position can be measured by a resistance. These potentiometers are not supported by the mvBlueCOUGAR-XD camera.

Supported lenses

Manufacturer Details Motorized Iris Motorized Focus Motorized Zoom Video Iris
KOWA Motorized LMZ-series up to 1" and 5 MPix resolution X X X X
Goyo Optical GAZ series 2/3" – 1" X   X X
Linos Mevis motorized X X    
Schneider Optics Cinegon/Xenoplan: motorized iris X     X
Computar 2/3" M6Z series X X X  
Fujinon 2/3" and 1" series X X X X

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