Industrial connection concept (POE-I)

For the Gigabit Ethernet camera mvBlueCOUGAR-X there is a product variant POE-I (I means industrial grade) for all harsh conditions with a modular M12 industrial connector concept.


The dimensional drawings / sketches only contain reference values. For concrete technical drawings with tolerances or related 3D models, please contact our sales or support team.
W approx. 15 mm (C-mount) approx. 10 mm (CS-mount)
X 8 mm (C-mount)
9.5 mm with max. Ø 20 mm
6 mm (CS-mount)
Y 32 mm (CMOSIS sensors) 30 mm (Remaining sensors)
Z 17.526 mm (C-mount; in air) 12.5 mm (CS-mount; in air)

This concept makes it possible to replace the complete back plate including all connectors (power supply/digital I/O's and x-coded Ethernet) - this represents a new way of product flexibility. With a customized back plate, for example, you can integrate the mvBlueCOUGAR-X POE-I in your own protective housing.

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