Image recorder with pre-trigger option


In some applications it is necessary, to get the images before and after a trigger event. This is possible with the pretrigger option.

How does the pretrigger option work?

To use this functionality you have to set the "Setting → Base → Camera → GenICam → Acquisition Control → mv Acquisition Memory Mode" to "mvPretrigger". This functionality allows to define the number of frames which will be recorded before the trigger event occurs:


Afterwards, you have to define the "AcquisitionStart" or "AcquisitionActive" event. In the figure this is Line4 as trigger event, which starts the regular camera streaming.

Now, start the camera by pressing "Live" and generate the acquisition event.

The camera will output the number of pretrigger frames as fast as possible followed by the frames in live mode as fast as possible until the frame rate is in sync:


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