mvIMPACT Configuration Studio (mvIMPACT-CS)

In 2013 we started with the development of the intuitive, browser-based software mvIMPACT Configuration Studio (mvIMPACT-CS). The aim was that

  • users without programming know-how and
  • developers without machine vision knowledge

can implement inspection tasks visually, quickly, and cost-efficiently. It should also counter the increasing skills shortage and make machine vision accessible to a wider audience.

The mvIMPACT-CS is platform-independent thanks to the use of web technologies and can perform inspections both on Windows PCs and on Linux-based systems. As a result, the mvIMPACT-CS was also a component of the mvBlueGEMINI Smart Camera. This concept duo of hardware and software was a remarkable innovation, for which we received the Dr. Rudolf Eberle Innovation Award in 2017 from the State of Baden-Württemberg.

From the start we co-developed the mvIMPACT-CS with an adapted interface as BVS Cockpit for Balluff GmbH. Three years after the takeover by Balluff GmbH we have now merged the parallel product developments of mvIMPACT-CS and BVS Cockpit, meaning that mvIMPACT Configuration Studio (mvIMPACT-CS) will disappear from the market as a product and name. The newly freed up resources and avoided redundancies will optimize and accelerate our development process. We will continue to be responsible for the development, whereas Balluff GmbH will look after the marketing activities. You can, of course, also purchase the BVS Cockpit from us.

You may contact us at any time if you are looking for a customized version or a special development.

Subject to change without notice, Date 09/2020