mvIMPACT Measure

mvIMPACT Measure

The measurement module lets you measure the position and angle of edges within gray scale images. The measurement is performed with subpixel accuracy. Edge measurement is one of the most often used algorithms in machine vision applications. The module includes a flexible edge detection function to locate edges and pairs of edges in an area of interest automatically.

The function searches for all edges or edge pairs in the search window that fulfill the properties given by the parameters

  • edge contrast
  • edge steepness
  • edge polarity

The analysis module then compares these settings with the real values obtained from the edge to be measured and finally calculates a match score, that represents the quality of the match.

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To locate manufactured parts or to check their dimensions, such as thickness, radius or angle, gauging tools are used as virtual calipers. The mvIMPACT Measure module supports high accuracy gauging by performing sub-pixel measurements. Maximum precision is achieved by combining gray-level profile analysis and geometric model fitting techniques.

Using mvIMPACT Measure is straightforward: place a search window around the desired object edge. Lines or circles are immediately located and measured. Goodness of the fit can be determined to assess straightness or circularity.

Efficient edge selection mechanisms are provided to handle complex environments where features are close to each other. Edges can also be detected in pairs of opposite polarities.

Part tracking for mark inspection and pin orientation control
Part tracking for mark inspection and pin orientation control
Control parameters

The search window can be horizontal, oblique or vertical for lines, rectangular for circles.

Edge discrimination parameters include polarity, steepness and contrast.


The position of a line is returned as a passing point and a slope. The position of a circle is given by the center and radius.

In addition to these geometric parameters, the following indicators are provided: average polarity, steepness and contrast, as well as a fitting score. The latter allows to asses straightness or circularity.

Calibrated coordinates

In addition to standard pixel-based parameter computation, calibrated coordinates can be used. This means that reference axis can be placed anywhere in the image, scale factors and rotation angle specified, to yield real-world measurements.

Working principles

Line measurement

A gray level profile is computed within the range of the measuring window. Sub-pixel peak analysis is then used for edge location.

Edge localization
Edge localization

Circle measurement

Edge pixels are located in the search window. After a filtering pass to remove outliers, the remaining points are fit to a circle by means of a least-squares approach. This guarantees efficient use of the available information, resulting in sub-pixel accuracy.

Circle measurement
Circle measurement
mvIMPACT 3D Display mvIMPACT 3D Display | 46.8 kB

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mvIMPACT Barcode mvIMPACT Barcode | 101.8 kB

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mvIMPACT Base mvIMPACT Base | 277.5 kB

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mvIMPACT Focus mvIMPACT Focus | 126.4 kB

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Datenblatt / Datasheet mvIMPACT Geometric Model Matcher

mvIMPACT Match mvIMPACT Match | 145.9 kB

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mvIMPACT Measure mvIMPACT Measure | 60.5 kB

Datenblatt / Datasheet mvIMPACT Measure


Datenblatt / Datasheet mvIMPACT OCR

mvIMPACT e 2012-04 MR mvIMPACT e 2012-04 MR | 509.7 kB

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mvIMPACT Release / Beta for Windows XP, Vista, 7

You can evaluate mvIMPACT SDK for 30 days free of charge once. Afterwards, you will need a licence! If you are using a dongle for licensing mvIMPACT, you have to use the latest USB dongle in combination with the 64bit version!

mvIMPACT-6.8.461.6555-19823-x64 mvIMPACT-6.8.461.6555-19823-x64 | 136,196.0 kB

mvIMPACT SDK 64 Bit Release Windows (XP, Vista, 7 / .NET 4.0 compliant, MSI, SDK Version 6.8.461.6555)

mvIMPACT-6.8.461.6555-19823-x86 mvIMPACT-6.8.461.6555-19823-x86 | 131,760.0 kB

mvIMPACT SDK 32 Bit Release Windows (XP, Vista, 7 / .NET 4.0 compliant, MSI, SDK Version 6.8.461.6555)

mvIMPACT Nightly Builds for Windows XP, Vista, 7

Nightly builds are tested exemplarily and should be tested by oneself before use!

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mvIMPACT SDK Nightly Build (64 Bit, Build , Windows XP, Vista, 7)

mvIMPACT-6.8.1148.7242-20516-x86 mvIMPACT-6.8.1148.7242-20516-x86 | 121,328.0 kB

mvIMPACT SDK Nightly Build (32 Bit, Build , Windows XP, Vista, 7)

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mvIMPACT IPK packages for mvBlueLYNX
USB dongle driver for Windows XP, Vista, 7

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